previews (Cookie)

I’ve come up with a few previews of stuff ill be editing for you guys in the next few weeks. Also please comment ideas on what I can do for my 50k view special on my site! suggestions posted on my site

I’ve got a Canadian flag hoodie for Canada day, next month:


Nazi sets, swastika hoodie\ heads, blonde blue eyes:


Disney princess themed sets:





sorry (Cookie)

I’m sorry guys, we have all been super inactive lately.. I just have no ideas on what t edit and its that time of year for exams and I’ve just been so busy studying and doing other stuff. I’m editing the emo sets atm though so that should be interesting. Also comment suggestions that I should edit.. Sorry, ill just and post asap.. Happy late 2 years btw, Bye


Emo stuff preview (cookie)


lmao, spent all day editing yesterday and today. Yesterday I was working on my new uploads and today I  got to do something for the site. So, I know there are some people in graal that are emo or goth. So I’m gonna do a emo/goth special.. Here are one of the many things ill be doing. My summer doesn’t start till june so ill be inactive from school. Enjoy the preview


Lots of love~ Cookie

Pastel set preview? (Cookie)

So, well I was browsing some gfx sites I seen a really cool head and I was like ‘:o I can do something with that!’

So I saved the file on my computer and started thinking of something I could do but I was never really one of those people to make admin themed uploads!

So I kinda just fooled around with a couple other heads I found and came up with this! Tell me how you like it because If you guys hate it I might not finish it!

If you really like this head comments offers to buy the head as a personal

example of what your comment should have down below, keep in mind that it is just an example and if I don’t get any good offers ill post it to the site


“graal name: Cookie* Gfx (Aint Trippin)

“gralat offer: 500g” (Only accepting graal classics)

“colour you want the head: blue”

“email: _________” (optional but in case I cant get a hold of u in graal)