Recolours (Cookie)

I wanted to do some more neutral colours of the head I edited on my last post, so that’s all this is. Once again credits to here.

If there are any other colours you want done comment them below and I’ll be sure to get it done 🙂


Been awhile (Cookie)

Its been a long time since ive posted but I’m considering getting back into GFX, I’ve really missed it and missed talking to you guys :). Anyway here are some girl heads, I just changed the hair and face a bit and then did recolours for it. Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or requests.



More guy heads (Cookie)

I usually struggle with guy heads but I really liked the way this one turned out and thought you guys would too, original is from

I did a version with a scar and put one with a blink. I know I’ve been pretty inactive just haven’t really been feeling the vibe to edit or really do anything lately

But if anyone wants to have a chat hmu on discord (crazycookie #6744)


Merry Christmas

It’s almost Christmas, I couldn’t be more excited :D, I wasn’t sure if you guys really wanted Christmas related uploads or not this year.

I didn’t really know what to do besides this, I haven’t been feeling my creative side so much lately :,)

Anyway give me suggestions on what to edit and stuff

Credits to

I didn’t edit the body its from this site


Blues clues (Cookie)

For some reason the shade of blue on this head reminded me of the dog from a show I watched as a kid called Blues Clues,

I really did love the look of this head and the ombre in the hair, I thought it was so cute. And yes, I’m back at it again with the “freckle face” I just think it’s a nice touch to add to a head.

The body is also indexed AKA colour changable

head and body credits to



Ombreee (Cookie)

Okay so recently I came across this amazing site and when I looked through all the variety and cute heads they had I was in awe. I wanted every single one of them for my own graal account

Then I seen on a post that they were just hitting 200k! They should have so much more, his site has some of the best graphics I have seen and is now one of my favorite sites.

I don’t even know if they’ve ever seen my site but check out this site, give them some love.

Credits to them for this head, I just made both hair sides ombre, added a second bun and changed the face + eyes. Body is also from there and hoodie is from outcastedgfx