2017 special? XD (Cookie)

hey guys! I finished the 2017 sets I was working on, I only did a boy set because I never do boy stuff anymore. I actually really enjoyed making this boy set even if it isn’t really “New Years” related. I may do recolours for the head! I’m sorry I had no time to do a girl set but at least I did something

here you go, sorry I forget credits!!



Female Christmas sweater dresses (Cookie)

Tuesday I finished school and now I’m on winter break so I have loads of time to edit. I was super happy that winter break finally came :0!!!

Today I got a chance to finish my cute little Christmas dresses for you guys and I have to say I’m impressed by them!

They are also adorable asf and work perfectly, unlike other boddies ive edited in the past..

credits to https://lyviagfx.wordpress.com/ for her fab bodies, btw don’t set trans for any for the bodies I’m showing today!



Its the most wonderful time of the day XD (Cookie)

THAT’S RIGHT! I said day instead of year!

Don’t judge or ill judge you ;-;..

Merry Christmas season, let it snow let it snow!

I’m in a Christmas mood rn 😀

but I’m not doing any Christmas stuff today..


I cant remember the credits for the reason that the original I edited a while back and posted it on my site and I found it on my site today and decided it would be nice to edit it :)! I’m guess that’s credits to my site..


lmg edit.pnglmg-editlmg edit.pnglmg edit.pnglmg edit.png