Ombreee (Cookie)

Okay so recently I came across this amazing site and when I looked through all the variety and cute heads they had I was in awe. I wanted every single one of them for my own graal account

Then I seen on a post that they were just hitting 200k! They should have so much more, his site has some of the best graphics I have seen and is now one of my favorite sites.

I don’t even know if they’ve ever seen my site but check out this site, give them some love.

Credits to them for this head, I just made both hair sides ombre, added a second bun and changed the face + eyes. Body is also from there and hoodie is from outcastedgfx


Bored (Cookie)

I can’t remember where the original is from but here you go

originally made this for a friend but they got rid of it so

maybe you guys would enjoy it more


Spooky season (Cookie)

It’s that time of the head again, time for spooky Halloween edits and I’m super excited, I did one without GIF and then I did two with gifts both the same but the second one is slowly, I wasn’t sure what one y’all would enjoy better so I gave you guys an option haha.

Credits to outcastedgfx for the body and for the head. I was gonna do recolors but I didn’t know if you guys would enjoy it so let me know if you do and if so what colors