Pastel set preview? (Cookie)

So, well I was browsing some gfx sites I seen a really cool head and I was like ‘:o I can do something with that!’

So I saved the file on my computer and started thinking of something I could do but I was never really one of those people to make admin themed uploads!

So I kinda just fooled around with a couple other heads I found and came up with this! Tell me how you like it because If you guys hate it I might not finish it!

If you really like this head comments offers to buy the head as a personal

example of what your comment should have down below, keep in mind that it is just an example and if I don’t get any good offers ill post it to the site


“graal name: Cookie* Gfx (Aint Trippin)

“gralat offer: 500g” (Only accepting graal classics)

“colour you want the head: blue”

“email: _________” (optional but in case I cant get a hold of u in graal)

Guess who’s back?


Point is, I’m back! Now isn’t that wonderful! I would has posted earlier but I was sleeping and a dude is making me a shield of myself!!

Pay him 200g and he can make you a shield too ❤

Also visit his site “” also check out my site for Easter stuff that I might post here later 🙂



Great guy ^


2017 special? XD (Cookie)

hey guys! I finished the 2017 sets I was working on, I only did a boy set because I never do boy stuff anymore. I actually really enjoyed making this boy set even if it isn’t really “New Years” related. I may do recolours for the head! I’m sorry I had no time to do a girl set but at least I did something

here you go, sorry I forget credits!!