Kitten hoodies :3 (Cookie)

To everyone who has been telling me to make dog and cat bodies and heads I finally did something cat related and I’m actually proud of it. I didn’t actually want to make this, It was actually supposed to be a personal for someone but they didn’t like it so now it shall be shared with this site. Hope you guys enjoy, I did an extension and non extension version so girls or guys can use it and yes I will do recolours soon also my site is at 195,000 as I’m writing this and I have a really cute 250,000 special so go check out my site I post uploads (duh) plus I shoutout fans every Friday. Credits to outcastedgfx for the original hoodies :3



Pineapple (Cookie)

Yes you reed it right -3-, it says pineapple. Don’t ask why, and no this post is not related to pineapples in any way but it is guy heads. I don’t know what else to say this was a pretty simple edit and small edit so credits to all I did was get rid of the eyepatch and changed the hair on the left a bit and then obviously recolours. So enjoy the head guys! Still on spring break so expect a few more posts this week from me 🙂



Easter\spring special (Cookie)

HEYYYYYYY GUYS, Happy Easter everybody! I decided to post a small Easter\spring special because why not. I worked very hard on this and started a few weeks in advance. So make sure you give credit to me and all the original owners listed below! Anyway, I don’t do bodies much anymore because they take forever and no one ever uploads them but I was bored so I did a few.
I got the idea from wintersgfx so credits to them for some of the bodies. I got the original hoodie and the body with the tie from outcastedgfx :). Most of the deigns on the body I got from wintersgfx so big thanks so them. ❤ The body with the bunny slippers I made each side of the tie and each shoe a different colour. Also there were sorta like suspenders on the body which I removed and then made recolours! credits to luckystargfx for the guy heads


FAIL lol (Cookie)

heyy guys, happy Sunday! I almost forgot to post this week but yee. Anyway this head was kind of a fail because the side view looks kind of weird to me. But some people might like it so I posted it anyway, next week I will be doing guy heads btw! Also my site is almost at 200,000 views so make sure to check it out. I shout out 3 fans every week and one of them might be you so click here 




boy heads (cookie)

GUY HEADSSS, WHOOP WHOOP! I haven’t done these in like forever, and its such a shame because a lot of sites focus on one gender and post stuff for them a lot more often then they do for the other gender. But I try and do a variety.. And ive been failing cx, BUT every weak from now on I’m going to switch between girl and guy stuff. So this week for guys, next week for girls and repeat 🙂 Anyway I hope you like these guy heads, I really like them the original head is on my site here is the preview



Ombre buns (Cookie)

Happy Late Valentines everyone c:! I completely forgot all about valentines day because I’ve been busy and because well.. Umm I don’t really have someone as a reason to remember valentines *sad music plays in the background* LOL fr though idec. But yeah, I have you guys as a reason to celebrate Valentines so I put together a little something. I didn’t do guy stuff because well I really didn’t want too. xD


My site for the buns and skin tone

pastelvermillion–  original head