Hey everyone that applied to join, sorry I haven’t checked my emails been busy. If you wish to be apart of this site and continue supporting/talking outside of graal then I’m usually on discord. Here’s my art server. Join up everyone.

Whoever “works” here

Outcasted members, whoever here can help me organize the pages of this site please let me know through via discord or email and I will promote you to an editor. I can also teach you on how to organize/create pages thank you.

Sorta back (Outcasted Hiring~)-Nafila

Since MCR is coming back decided to come back to simple GFX for a bit and even fix up the site (as you can see it’s a work in progress) Outcasted has been dead for awhile and haven’t talked to many people (I rarely check my email) so hiring new GFX artists!
Best way to contact me is through via discord in my discord server.

How To Join

  1. Email me at outcastedgfx@gmail.com or join discord server https://discord.gg/zwPYMqC (I’m more active on discord) with some of your work.
  2. Make an wordpress account
  3. email/message your wordpress USERNAME or the EMAIL you used for THAT WORDPRESS ACCOUNT
  4. Check your EMAIL that you used for THAT WORDPRESS ACCOUNT and there should be an “invitation”
  5. Accept the invitation, and then you should be able to post on here.

Rules To Join

  1. Please DO NOT ifile, if it upsets the original owner. I always get blamed even though I can’t ifile
  2. If you edit an ifiled custom piece, please make to sure that it’s okay with the original owner, if the owner comments to take it down please take it down.
  3. ifile claims, please make sure if you get comment towards you saying it’s an ifile custom, please make sure that person proves it before you take it off
  4. Try your best not to get into drama, it is a huge site after all
  5. Please don’t spam me, I’m busy so I have no time to help

Email: outcastedgfx@gmail.com

Instagram: infjinxed

Snapchat: trashgod.exe

Discrord Server: https://discord.gg/zwPYMqC



Astral Chronicles-Nafila

Heyo everyone as you all know I have quitted Graal but been trying out this new game called Astral Chronicles if you’re a big weeb you’ll definitely like this game I’m on server: S19 Extinguisher (you can change servers)

If you all wanna play and join my guild join my discord server: https://discord.gg/YQrW5TE

Also type in my code: gjqi13 in here for extra rewards:


also yes I still do play King’s raid as well. Hope to see you all around!