Astral Chronicles-Nafila

Heyo everyone as you all know I have quitted Graal but been trying out this new game called Astral Chronicles if you’re a big weeb you’ll definitely like this game I’m on server: S19 Extinguisher (you can change servers)

If you all wanna play and join my guild join my discord server:

Also type in my code: gjqi13 in here for extra rewards:


also yes I still do play King’s raid as well. Hope to see you all around!




Officially closing graal

Ive finally decided to shut out graal for good due to an ex, new chapters in my life, but maybe one day I’ll return to do random gfx and fix this site if you still want to hang out with me here are my socials:

Discord server:

Snapchat: trashgod.exe



Discord Update

If you don’t like me being rude, me bragging, me hating on graal, me in general, etc. THEN DON’T COME IN MY SERVER. Simple? Yea. I hate graal there’s a reason why I quit along with GFX. Cool. K. Thanks.

-Nafila ❤

P.S Fuck off :))

King’s Raid-Nafila

I’m always on this game called King’s Raid now. Busy managing my discord server for a guild my friends and I made. Hit me up if you play this and your team level is 55+, you could get into my guild along with the discord. Cool. K. Thanks guys.-NafilaRelated image