New One

Hi peeeople! Yea, you’re right. We’re new. We are from manyonegfx and today we’re start posting here now too. Thanks for reading!


And yeah working on these. Yay or Nah?


Still learning how :> Bye! ❤


I’ll be adding people to this site soon, please do not spam me in game to join. Instead follow the steps in the want to join site page. Here’s a brief summary

  1. Email me at, with some of your work
  2. Make an wordpress account
  3. email your wordpress USERNAME or the EMAIL you used for THAT WORDPRESS ACCOUNT
  4. Check your EMAIL that you used for THAT WORDPRESS ACCOUNT and there should be an “invitation”
  5. Accept the invitation, and the you should be able to post on here.

Rules To Join

  1. Please DO NOT ifile, if it upsets the original owner. I always get blamed even though I can’t ifile
  2. If you edit an ifiled custom piece, please make to sure that it’s okay with the original owner, if the owner comments to take it down please take it down.
  3. ifile claims, please make sure if you get comment towards you saying it’s an ifile custom, please make sure that person proves it before you take it off
  4. Try your best not to get into drama, it is a huge site after all
  5. Please don’t spam me, I’m usually busy nowadays so I barely have any time to help
  6. Just have fun

Pride Month-Nafila

Anyways it’s pride month so I’ll be doing small head colorings for pride flags. Since I’m panromanic here’s a female head with the Pan Flag color. Don’t worry I’ll be adding more heads on this post ❤

Pan:IMG_0796.PNG   Bi:IMG_0837IMG_0838 Les:IMG_0840IMG_0839