This will be my watermark from now on. I came up with the idea myself.

If you see this on any head or body, then I am the editor/artist. I ask that you do not remove my watermark.

This watermark is meant to represent my ign Suiko. Suiko in Japanese translates to Water Fox, that is where I got the inspiration for this. A Kitsune mask with a water bubble on its forehead.

guys heads with colored ends (Cookie)

Really not too sure what I was going for here but I wanted to do some guy heads for my male fans out there haha, as always if you have any requests comment it

I did a blink for each version of this head as usual and I really hope you guys like it, honestly I have been kind of stuck on what types of stuff to do for guys lately.

Credits to (which btw is a super cute site be sure to check it out)


collection (cookie)

I was just kind of following around with my old saved files and came up with this head idea, hair with lighter colour buns and highlights put onto the heads. I did a version with light buns and a version with the same colour buns as the rest of the head.

I did not do any gifs or a blink for these because tbh I was simply lazy but if you would like a blink version for any of these just let me know.

This was a pretty big edit and also bun credits are from another bun head I did awhile ago.

Original: Qwerty ( Do NOT set transparency


Valentines short hair girl (Cookie)

Bit late of my valentines post, but I just did a few girl heads with a pink hair ombre that I thought was cute. I haven’t done many short hair styles on girls as well so I thought this was pretty cute.

The original was something posted on my site around Christmas time on this site that I thought was very cute! Something for Christmas –

But for this head I did 2 versions, just the regular blonde hair with the pink ombre and the same thing on the other but with a little heart on the bang (adds to the valentines spirit). I also did a blink on each version of this head. 

short hair girlshort hair girlshort hair girlshort hair girl

Wavy Hair Male Heads (Cookie)

Back again today with some dark wavy haired heads for males, this was kind of just a quick edit I did today. Changing skin, adding shadow in the eye region and of course the hair inspired by

I did a few different styles for this head, but didn’t end up using the colour pallet because I thought the black hair suited the head very well already :)!



Neutral Hair Colours Pallets (Cookie)

So a few people have been asking me for a pallet that I use when recolouring different versions of heads I have edited. I have used think pallet multiple times in the past for a more consistent look in my uploads and will continue to be using it more often in bodies with extensions and heads for boys and girls.

I encourage you guys to use this as well if you want to match a body extension to a head from this site that follows a similar pattern.

And if you are interested in the heads shown in this pallet they are in the Female Heads – page on my site along with more colours.

I might do up my pallet for more unnatural colours as well at a later date so let me know if you guys want that:)

colour pallet