It was suggested two months ago to recolor this one…
Might do a better version of this >->
Bodies are color changeable (if I did it right)
Enjoy. ☀




Astral Chronicles-Nafila

Heyo everyone as you all know I have quitted Graal but been trying out this new game called Astral Chronicles if you’re a big weeb you’ll definitely like this game I’m on server: S19 Extinguisher (you can change servers)

If you all wanna play and join my guild join my discord server: https://discord.gg/YQrW5TE

Also type in my code: gjqi13 in here for extra rewards:


also yes I still do play King’s raid as well. Hope to see you all around!



Im so so so sorry..


Ive been SUPER inactive due to crying about back to|     school ads, but milk’s okay for now. please send boxes| 😀 Anyways, Contact me on Graal Era, Im selling a set| for 500 tro!                                                                             |

Heres my current look       (Name, Milky)      |  The set  >