Howdy heres some edits ENJOY plus how do u like my new watermark 😀 i still need a body one



Sorry for my absence, ive been very busy with school and other things ._. But im back! I quit era and am playing classic now 🙂 ill try and make some customs but ive been busy like i said but again sorry.

Hi I’m iCam

Hi I’m iCam, I’m an gfxer as u could tell, I use to be a gfx admin from 2012-2014, I have my own site that’s very small. I am a small graal youtuber and I take requestes email me Mr.chicken712@gmail.com. I plan to make exclusive and awesome customs for people, oh yea u can check out my yt iCam [graal and more] if your bored I post videos every other day. I hope you guys like my customs -iCam