Ideas and Requests

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111 thoughts on “Ideas and Requests

  1. Hi, can you make extensions for this body /Users/daveporemba/Desktop/a71615a2-3cd3-400f-9f6d-4ff8087c673b.png for this head /Users/daveporemba/Desktop/1917178_orig.png


  2. Can you please text me on graal my name is Original Brianna i have a upload and my gang is pro potatoes i would be so happy if you could make me a personal and yes you can upload on here thank you


  3. On your recently posted rainbow customs, make the body with just a simple skull and please remove the gif stuff, just the plain head please cx and text me on graal, my name is allybear cx thanks much :*

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  4. You should make naturally blonde heads. Basically the ones that you have in different colors, but make them blonde too. Thanks ^~^.


  5. I would like to be hired,
    I work for Lyviagfx,wordpress,com and bella winters wordpress accout . My kik is Frie_graal message me there for my work.
    Im 17 years old and currently have a buisness. Starting my own
    Company called “Hats N’ Caps”


  6. I know it’s too much… But if it’s… If you can… Can you please make a head and body of Carlie Kvin from Suicide squad… Please…


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  8. Can you pls make an emo head with dark blue hair that covers eye and blinks? (Male)
    I know it’s too much but I would appreciate it if you make it c:


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