157 thoughts on “Ideas and Requests

  1. I was wondering if it’s possible to make a Kaneki Ken head gif that changes from non-ghoul black hair and regular eyes to ghoul white hair and black eyes with red pupils? Or does that take too much frames? Thanks!


  2. Hey, id love to see if you could do a male Faux Hawk head, black hair preferred, trying to get a head that kinda looks like me but do your thing


  3. Im sorry for posting twice, but the last message, i didnt chekc the notifiy via email button, so i wanted to make sure. Can you make or find an xxxtentacionxxx head for me?


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  6. Hi! I love your website! Um, can you make me female head with hazel brown colored hair and a big letter ‘A’ at the bottom left part of the back portion of the head? Any hairstyle will do. I want the face expression to be like the serious type and can you also do the body? I want it to have bunny slippers and should be color changeable. I’ll look forward to it. Thank you! (I still love your uploads<3)

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  8. Can I request for a female head with braided hair having blue eyes (serious expression)? Oh and the hair will be black and I also want a matching body with it. Tysm! I’ll look forward for it!

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  9. Hey I was wondering if you could make me a matching hoodie to a head on your site, it’s one of the many blonde ones contact me at my email pleaseeee ❤


  10. Hello! I have a request if possible. You know the body you made the goes with my head on my profile pic? I would like to have the hair extensions on that body on a hoodie if possible. Tysm ❤ Stay awesome! P.S. I'm a giant fan of your uploads the are amazing 😀


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