tiicjiq ~ori

Hey guys πŸ™‚ Here are three heads I edited and made blink.
~ Creds to https://outcastedgfx.wordpress.com ~
Edited By : Me. πŸ™‚
img_58641.gifimg_58651.gifimg_58661.gifimage1Tysm for this drawing, Ash ❀ and yes, I’m posting this now XD
visit her website https://ashgraalcustoms.wordpress.com πŸ™‚ She’s also a part of https://atouchofpixels.wordpress.com πŸ˜€

yopyop ~ori

Hey guys! I’m BACK AT IT AGAIN WITH no white vans………just another recolored body… XD
~ Creds to https://outcastedgfx.wordpress.com ~ πŸ™‚
Recolored By : Me ❀
~Enjoy bbys.
mini_bow_divider_by_stampmakerlkj-d69a6zipreview.pngmini_bow_divider_by_stampmakerlkj-d69a6ziskyrecolor_1.pngpastelllyyy.pngmini_bow_divider_by_stampmakerlkj-d69a6zi*The braid body I posted before that kinda looks like this should be accepted by admins πŸ™‚ (I tested it!) Just be sure to set transparency for that body. (Idk about this body bcuz I haven’t tested it yet)


How’s this recolor? Should I finish it?

One with the original dye or the one with the tan idfk dye?
Credits to oriπŸ’“


-dom (;