I’ll still be posting free heads on here but I’m not editing personals for free anymore,

I’m sorry but I don’t care if u claim to be my friend I’m only doing this so u can stop pestering me for edits cause I’m busy.

yeh I started school again so I won’t post much lol

Ik I’m such a downer πŸ™‚ ok here let this make ur day


its not mine btw ;o

Ily all

-Summer ❀


hoi guys! sorry I didn’t post anything on Sunday 😦 I had to go to my cousin’s communion, and then we had a party at their house and I didn’t have my laptop with me ;-; but I have an upload for you guys right now! πŸ˜€
*Didn’t make a preview bcuz I didn’t want to XD
~ Creds to https://summergraalgfx.wordpress.com ~ ❀
Edited By : Me πŸ™‚


Hey guyssss! I’m so sorry for not posting much for you guys 😦 I had exams and I’m busy with other school related stuff. I will be editing & posting for you guys on Sunday. ❀ Ily guys πŸ™‚

Hoi guys! Here’s an edit that was for my frand, but she changed her mind about it.
Edited By : Me❀
~ Creds to this https://therandompeoplegfx.wordpress.com πŸ™‚Β ~
I will be having 3 days of exams AGAIN starting tomorrow, so I probably won’t be able to edit for you guys😦Sorry bbys❀
~But Enjoyyyyy Anyways!πŸ˜€
**Not editing for anyone anymore. Even if you are my friend or you know me. Sorry**


Well this took like 2 hours lol,, its a Melanie Martinez themed head, see?

well if u don’t she’s a singer lol, check her Β out πŸ™‚


creds to tam..


o snap that pic is huge 0.0

-Summer ❀