so hiring again? :0

Hey so um I’m hiring again xD cause I somewhat quit at gfx so um yea email me and send me some of your work or comment below x)


O yea please comment if you sent me an email cause I rarely check cx


Love ya all ❤

~Nafila ❤



something bout you, makes me feel like a dangerous woman


this is hella embarrasing I’m meant to be mature lol who cares

ok lets start over

I’m Summer I like everyone but if u are mean I will hate k


if they reject it try again when another admin is on and if it still gets rejected slap them

-Summer ❤


I’ll still be posting free heads on here but I’m not editing personals for free anymore,

I’m sorry but I don’t care if u claim to be my friend I’m only doing this so u can stop pestering me for edits cause I’m busy.

yeh I started school again so I won’t post much lol

Ik I’m such a downer 🙂 ok here let this make ur day


its not mine btw ;o

Ily all

-Summer ❤