ohk- Summer

I’m gonna start posting all my old files


creds mostly to tam bc iforgot where I got everything from

**ill finish posting my old files later on**

bye loves,

-Summer ❤



Sooo basically I quit graal and this site. I gave up and got tired and bored of graal basically. Every time I check my graal account I end up getting annoying hate messages like “you ruined Outcasted I hate people like you”. Lmao. I created this site :P. If it weren’t for me this site would have never been up in the first place. Anyways goodbye everyone I love all of you cx I will check graal from time to time. I’m also tired of fake Nafila’s everywhere. Ever since my customs have been ifiled and released well people claim they’re me. Won’t be doing anymore customs  or any graal related stuff anymore. I don’t want to play graal anymore. Gonna make Ori-chan and Genesis admins of this site because I won’t be on anymore. I got tired of all the bs and ifilng shit graal has now. To all the people that support this site, Thank you so much and I love all of you. Goodbye Everyone~ 

Instagram: _xmizyukix_

From Yours Truly..


Nafila ❤


I wasn’t actively posting here, as I left the graal community for a while and got attracted to various other things which kept me busy. But I’m almost entirely back. So I’ll be taking requests from now on, just PM ingame IGN: iZak