I wasn’t actively posting here, as I left the graal community for a while and got attracted to various other things which kept me busy. But I’m almost entirely back. So I’ll be taking requests from now on, just PM ingame IGN: iZak



Hey guys! Here’s a new head for y’all 🙂
Edited By : Me ❤
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Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 🙂 🙂
~~Orichan. ❤ 😉
*And if Admins won’t accept it bc of “inappropriate animations” or something, I can’t fix that… admins are just rude XD

baby I like your style

I basically quit graal and gfx really bores me so this is an edit I did for my friend that she sold so excuse the A.

*the title is a song ‘one dance-drake’*


okay so I might come back to gfx idk but I don’t edit for people anymore so I might just occasionally post edits bc of school yh bye.

-Summer ❤

here. :)

Hey guys! Here are some heads for you guys:) I know I said I’d be posting “once a while”, but I won’t be on my laptop much. Also, when I’m done with school and summer starts, I will be quitting graal. (And NO I’m not giving anything away so don’t ask ._.) I can’t post my personal uploads for you guys when I quit because I accidentally deleted them on my file😄 But anyways here!!❤
Recolored & Edited By : Me😀
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~~Orichan .3.❤❤❤


really late post.

hey guys. I’m sorry I’ve been so inactive on this website, but I’ve decided to quit gfx.. It’s too boring now & I’m really busy with school work. I’m sorry guys😦 I will probably post once in a while though.❤ Baiiii!:)

~Orichan Loves You All!❤

*Quitting graal in the summer*