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done!! It took my a while but here you go the cool hoodies! credits to I did recolours and ill have the extensions sets out soon 😀 Set trans



me on era~naf

Posting through my phone no customs till the 28th

cool :3 (cookie)

here is a new preview I cant wait for this to be done I hope you all like it I’m doing a extension version and non extension the first head isn’t mine the first head is from and for the second head its a edit on my site I’m doing 2 bodies which are both from here enjoy I might also be recolours

character (8).png

Harley Quinn custom coming your way soon!

Hey guys, it’s Orichan! I’m currently working on a Harley Q., Suicide Squad, custom. Idek if I can call it my own custom if I didn’t even make it from scratch, but I completely changed the head. LOL. Don’t shout or give me hate comments and etc. if I keep saying “my custom, our custom, blah blah blah custom, etc., etc.
But anyways here are the creds:
*Original Body Creds:
*Partial Body Creds: CD from
*Original Head Creds: ….I guess Google bc I found the head on Google XD

First, I’ll show you the original head:
Second, the original body:

Now, here’s my Harley Q. preview.
Sorry, if you can’t see it… e.e