Panda :( (cookie)

Why do admins have to disappoint me so much


panda (cookie)

Today I seen some girl with a panda body and so I had an idea so do panda sets!!!!!!!! I used a hoodie because it looks better, I did a non extension hoodie too


and I found the head on:,

I think she ifilled it but I don’t know. I only changed the mouth on the head

bodies: this site (for both)

panda headuntitledwp-1470436582037.png

Yaw Or Naw (Robyn)

Holooooo, so.

Yaw Or Naw~


I was gonna post this on my laptop (the picture would be more clear) but I had some technical difficulties (pop ups) sooo I had to take a picture on my phone…

anyways, enjoy xD


Hey guys,I’m glad to be on this site thanks to nafila! I’ll be doing some edits,reclours and  much more!