These skittles doe :0


Hey guys,I’m glad to be on this site thanks to nafila! I’ll be doing some edits,reclours and  much more!


Haiii Guys U all know me so far right? xD well i work on:https://sabrinascakegfx.wordpress.com/ And https://moongraal.wordpress.com/ Go check out those site with all My Amazing Customs!! Tysm Nafila For letting me in this is a dream come true!! so i also will be very inactive alot too! cuz i have school,Im kinda In collage..I take requests from people only on Fridays,Saturday,And Sunday….also i dont do gfx,i don’t make bodys cc,so please dont ask if i do im still learning how so yeah…anyways i should be posting something atleast maybe…soo yeah! ~sabrina