I’m Working on it

Hey People Its Ail Here Telling u I Been Working on A New Baby Upload I made It from My Baby  upload I have But What type of bay upload u may be wondering let me tell u KITTENS :D!!!!! Converted My baby Uploads into Kitten Baby Uploads

capture1 The Baby Uploads

capture3Baby Kitten Upload

To Graal Classic Players This Upload Cant Not Be approved I’m Sorry its just one of the rules  cuz its pretty Small To Graal era Players U guys Are Good Graal Zone Good Ol West also Not Approved also I u want the upload check out my website 🙂 it wont be Posted On here Sorry 😦 but I will make more uploads for this site ^^


Random heads

Hello my dearest unicorns!

I heard we hit 2 million views, woah I think this is the biggest site in Graal history.

Anyway, I was at San Fransisco during the weekend and I was eventually bored and knew I had  to do something for you guys.

Here are the heads:



-Beatrix is too lazy too do her outro

goldilocks (cookie)

today I found a couple cute sites and they were doing a bunch of cartoon charaters in pixel form, and I was edited a head when I was thinking of a title. I was reading a book to my brother at the same time and the book was golylocks and the three bears!!! So that’s when I decided to do it 😀


https://cruzgfx.wordpress.com/ for heads

https://lyviagfx.wordpress.com/ for bodies

 and my brother’s book for swag title 😉