Hi! -Abi

Hi, I’m Abi and a new worker on Outcastedgfx thanks naf for letting me join:) I loved this site and still do! I’m hoping to post some work you will love and thats it from me now.. Here is some work  i gave to naf  to join 

0000ayaelfedit.pngimage2 (7).pngunnamed (1).pngCredits to original owners

Meow :3



Japan flag hoodie (cookie)


tomorrow I don’t have school due to Remembrance Day to I decided to finish the request I had to do a Japan flag hoodie, Of course I was happy too! It was just the matter of finding time..

I also had 2 big projects I had to do, luckily there both done! So I had time, I also did 2 shades of red for the circle just in case. If you have a cool flag you thing I should try please tell me what the flag name is in the comments! Back to the correct topic, this body was super simple here is what I did

credits to this site for hoodie!!!!!!!!!!!!


-changed colour of the hoodie to white

-added the circle on the front side of hoodie

-added watermark


flag  .pngflag  .png