New head -abi

inactive (1).pngCredits to miyu.

Two heads -abi

aaaaa.pngaaaaab.png Credits to cuppy, I guess you could call them twins or couple heads

no name (cookie)

As you can see from the title, I had no idea what to name this post. Even if I have news and a head to share with you guys today!

First off, my site has reached over 17k views so I’m getting ready for 20k! Please visit my site to see more heads and bodies from me!

Also will be posting my 1 year celebration on my site in February

my site address


credits to graaldepot and


Aw -abi

AWWWW.PNGI was so happy when she said she loved my  work and actually gave credits to editing a head from outcasted that i made, thank you for saying that i actually cried with joy when i saw her site and my head that she edited on it! I don’t think she knows i have a site xD check her site @