First Christmas Post- Elf Hoodies (Cookie)

Today I did four elf hoodies

edited from a Link body I seen on my site.

I made them for girls but they may suit some boys too!

I guess that credits to my site then XD!! Enjoy

Also pm what christmas stuff I should do next.



Recolor <3 ~ Narwhal

#Credits :

I’m so sorry i’ve been so inactive, i was so busy 3:

here chu go :3

emo-1   emo-body


Hello my dearest unicorns!

I made some recolors of a body.

It really is nothing, though :v

By the way, the set I made a few months ago is canceled about recoloring, it’s just too much :<. Sorry if you’ve been waiting for it.







Its the most wonderful time of the day XD (Cookie)

THAT’S RIGHT! I said day instead of year!

Don’t judge or ill judge you ;-;..

Merry Christmas season, let it snow let it snow!

I’m in a Christmas mood rn 😀

but I’m not doing any Christmas stuff today..


I cant remember the credits for the reason that the original I edited a while back and posted it on my site and I found it on my site today and decided it would be nice to edit it :)! I’m guess that’s credits to my site..

lmg edit.pnglmg-editlmg edit.pnglmg edit.pnglmg edit.png

Suggestions? (Robyn.)

ok so to start off, I got new uploads on Zone (that I made 0;)img_1802

And I want suggestions or something like that… like…

1. Should u make Christmas uploads (cause you know… xmas is coming up..)

2. POST more cause I post like once a month lmao (*cough* school.)

3. kittiessss (self-explanatory)

4. Other…

Comment or msg me on zone XD (cause I don’t go on any other Graal that much.)

Cyaaa -Robyn.


Edits/Uploads ¬Cronioum

I was secretly making uploads and edits without anyone knowing can’t show them cuz their “Personal” make sure you send me a message on Gmail For head edits My Gmail is won’t force you to letting me publish them.