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Yes i do understand that this a Graphics Website but…I haven’t been doing that recently.

So i decided I will make Music And Remixes of songs on my YouTube Channel It’s Cronioum If you are wondering and here’s a link to one of my songs¬†https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gRZDdN-Eulc

Contact me on Graal ERA Or On Twitter which is here=https://twitter.com/javaj29

Well anyways thanks.Ps if you give me ideas of songs WITHOUT LYRICS you will get a shout-out On my youtube channel .Also i’ll still be doing free edits uptil new year ūüėÄ


Female Christmas sweater dresses (Cookie)

Tuesday I finished school and now I’m on winter break so I have loads of time to edit. I was super happy that winter break finally came :0!!!

Today I got a chance to finish my cute little Christmas dresses for you guys and I have to say I’m impressed by them!

They are also adorable asf and work perfectly, unlike other boddies ive edited in the past..

credits to https://lyviagfx.wordpress.com/¬†for her fab bodies, btw don’t set trans for any for the bodies I’m showing today!