Rainbow Tears.

Hey! Here are some more custom edits from my site, FadedGloryGfx. Body is cc, Enjoy!

Credit to OG owners.




Hello! I’m Robyn btw -3-

Ehhhh here’s a head I edited XD 

To see the gif version AND TO GET THE BODY go to my own site!

>> ElysianGfx <<

Enjoy heheheh

Grey And Black.

Hey! Here are my most-proud edits that I had done and posted on my site. The body is cc, Credits to original owners and FadedGloryGfx for the edit.

The first is the original, second and third are mine. These are currently my first custom-uploads on this site, Enjoy!




My name is Payton and I’ll be a new member of this family and site! I started working for a site from a good friend of mine, and started to make a site on my own which I recently made a week ago. (FadedGloryGfx) Alright, Here is my profile on zone and I will posts some Edits from my site later in the day! (Don’t mind my gender stat l0l)