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Hey guys I’m still playing Pokemon Eclipse

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Christmas Personals? (Cookie)

Hey guys, haven’t posted in a while :o. I’ve been super busy irl with a bunch of random stuff that I completely forgot about Christmas! It’s so close ❤ and you know what that means for graal? PRESENTS! I’m so excited that I’ve come up with a cool plan that I think would be great for not only me but you guys! So I usually do personal uploads for people who ask me for a price, but since Christmas is up I was thinking paying in presents.

I’ll have a didn’t amount of presents for things according to what you want. If its a simple edit then it would be one gift, a sorta easy would be 1-3 depending. Harder would be 3-6 again depending to what you want.

Contact information: I am not dumb enough to scam you over a head therefore you will gift me before you get your head. If you do scam me I will post your personals and your profile on my site and outcastedgfx saying how your a scammer. My profile is “Cookie (Red Mafia)” or leave your graal name and guild so I can pm you. Please pm me in GraalOnline Classic or comment if interesting.

Thank you I hope to see you all PMing me, comment or pm me for more questions ❤