Nearly at 4 million views?!-Nafila

Hey everyone it’s the main admin Nafila here ❤ I know this site isn’t as active as it used to be, but I’ll keep all the customs up.  Thank you everyone for the support, even after quitting this site gets tons of views and support thank you everyone! ❤ Here’s a quick sketch of myself holding a sign that says “Thanks a lot” in Japanese.


Personal: infp_trashgod.exe

Art: vesperina_


With Lots of Love <3.

-Nafila ❤

previews (Cookie)

I’ve come up with a few previews of stuff ill be editing for you guys in the next few weeks. Also please comment ideas on what I can do for my 50k view special on my site! suggestions posted on my site

I’ve got a Canadian flag hoodie for Canada day, next month:


Nazi sets, swastika hoodie\ heads, blonde blue eyes:


Disney princess themed sets:





sorry (Cookie)

I’m sorry guys, we have all been super inactive lately.. I just have no ideas on what t edit and its that time of year for exams and I’ve just been so busy studying and doing other stuff. I’m editing the emo sets atm though so that should be interesting. Also comment suggestions that I should edit.. Sorry, ill just and post asap.. Happy late 2 years btw, Bye


Happy two years Outcasted!~Nafila

Yesterday marked a 2 years on having this up :3 so happy two years Outcasted ❤ I’m still surprised that I made 3.5 million views in a span of two years and I’m surprised on how much support this lil site gets, the graal stuff will always be up but I might add some of my other stuff I’m currently doing or use it in the future for other stuff. Anyways CONGRATS OUTCASTED FOR TWO YEARS FILLED WITH LOVE,SUPPORT AND DRAMA

Love, Yours Truly,

The Site Admin and Creator,

Nafila ❤