Brown hair female (Cookie)

My first edit in awhile but I think I did pretty decent, I did 3 different versions of the head which would go really good as a pking head or to match with a hoodie which can also be found on this site!

The 3 versions I created are..

-Regular Brown Hair (No Gif)

-Simple Blink Brown Hair

-Fancy Gif Brown Hair

Original credits of the heads are BloomingFlowerGfx and M G B Y T E G R A A L

And for the body I just did a few recolors of a body I edited last Christmas, that can also be found from my body without extensions page on my site. Bodies without extensions –


male heads

Hi everyone! I actually edited again and regained a little bit of motivation so here are some male heads I edited in qwerty’s style for you guys. Gif type and style credits go to qwerty and original head credits go to outcased gfx, body credits go to team4gfx.


demon sets

Hi everyone! Already another post? absolutely xx

These are some edits/customs I made for one of my old customers who never even uploaded them and since a ton of people have asked for more demon uploads recently I thought I would post them. Some I didn’t do for her and are separate.

creds. ChaTem,Triniwix,Agartha,Winters gfx,Kalypso anyone else(please comment!!!)


Spooky things

Hi everyone! So sorry for not posting in a while,school started recently so I’ve been very busy! Thankfully,I’m able to catch up with things this week.

Credits to peachyberrygfx and sugarsparkle gfx


Bandana guy heads (Cookie)

Its been awhile since I have done guy heads so I decided to do that today, they are bandana heads, and I did a version with buns on the head and then one without buns.
I only changed the skin, added buns, and did recolours

I didn’t do any blinks because I was lowkey lazy but maybe I will make a part 2 with blinks if you guys want I also did some recolors of the hair and the bandana and eye color

Credits: for skin for original bandana head and for bun inspo