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Easter\spring special (Cookie)

HEYYYYYYY GUYS, Happy Easter everybody! I decided to post a small Easter\spring special because why not. I worked very¬†hard on this¬†and started a few weeks in advance.¬†So make sure you¬†give credit to me and all the original owners listed below! Anyway, I don’t do bodies much anymore because they take forever and no one ever uploads them but I was bored¬†so I did a few.
I got the idea from wintersgfx¬†so credits to them for some of the bodies. I got the original hoodie and the body with the tie¬†from¬†outcastedgfx¬†:). Most of the deigns on the body I got from wintersgfx so big thanks so them. ‚̧ The body with the bunny slippers I made each side of the tie and each shoe a different colour. Also there were sorta like suspenders on the body which I removed and then made recolours! credits to luckystargfx¬†for the guy heads


FAIL lol (Cookie)

heyy guys, happy Sunday! I almost forgot to post this week but yee. Anyway this head was kind of a fail because the side view looks kind of weird to me. But some people might like it so I posted it anyway, next week I will be doing guy heads btw! Also my site is almost at 200,000 views so make sure to check it out. I shout out 3 fans every week and one of them might be you so click here