Schedules and Classic(Gabby)

Hey, guys! Its gabby. So, Spring Reccess is ending for me soon, and school will be up again, So I wont be able to post as much. I will have the days I post and upload new things as wednesday and saturday, <3.


Also, I used to play Classic but I quit for a while, and now nothing will load, I have officially lost that account. I am making a new one, so when I have classic again, I will show you my Era and Classic accounts! I hope to see you all around. ❤


Girl head w/ diverse skin tones (Cookie)

Hey guys, its me here again and I was trying to think of something nice that I could do for girls that looks nice and is unique. So I edited this head, I cant remember where the original was from but if you know comment please. A lot of sites use the same skin tones so credits to all those sites but I got mine from https://leahgraalgfx.wordpress.compreview.png



Im new to the outcast team, so you might see me post every once and a while. I will be posting hopefully at least twice a week, but we will have to see. I love this site, hope you do too! Hope to see you around!! ❤