Request 01

Request 01. Aynz
Hazel brown hair, serious face w/ big letter A at bottom left part on the back.
+ cc body, bunny slippers
credits: manyonegfx, azngirlzgfx, arakenuploads & agarthagfx
if any of the credited sites want me to delete this, contact us.
NOTE: I don’t know what hazel brown is. For other bodies, click this or this.
Enjoy. ☀


I’ll be checking/doing more of suggestions ~
Problems/Suggestions, please comment down.


I’m dead! (Cookie)

sorry I haven’t been able to post lately, I have exams next week but I promise ill be back for the summer and better than ever. Till then ill try and post once a week, I worked on this today and thought it was sorta cute, I liked the bangs on the head and I also did a gif one! I’m not sure if it works but let me know. Also Let me know if you want more heads like this. I’m finally unbanned from Graal, so like don’t ban me again papi. Or I’ll rape all of you and shove cookies down admin’s throats. cough cough, here ya go! Credits to


I’m back?-Nafila

Hey guys I’m sorta back at gfx since I do minor edits when I’m bored. I will be posting stuff for my art account on instagram (@infp_infj_) feel free to follow. I’ll mostly be doing gradients and probably some small gifs. It’ll be rare but I will do some gfx. No I will not be editing for others and yes I’m always hiring to keep the site running. Despite graal being dead I’m still getting views. Might make this into an art website thing now. I’ll have all my customs but adding more to it possibly. Um I don’t know? but hey sorta back :p Also a lot of people want to talk to me and the people that post here if people are interested, I could hold a discord server to interact with the fans more. Feel free to comment your ideas below. Graal is dead yes I graduated and I’m moving on towards college but been doing gfx to get drawingand art ideas so I might as well post them here. Like I said this may become a vlog to help other artists to get recognized much more ^^ Also I still do get questions about not becoming a gfx artist for graal. A lot of people wanted me to become a gfx artist for graal and yes I had an application but I never submitted the actual items I wanted to submit since I backed out last minute. Yes even some old admins did suggest that I go in but then I realized it’s too much work for a game I barely play and care about. I mean I’m already running a big site anyways. Basically there’s no point. I’d rather not become an admin on graal. Heck I barely even go on it. Though editing/making customs is a form of pixel art I sometimes do when I’m bored so yeah ^^