Edited M4A3 To DMR

Hi I’m iCam

Hi I’m iCam, I’m an gfxer as u could tell, I use to be a gfx admin from 2012-2014, I have my own site that’s very small. I am a small graal youtuber and I take requestes email me Mr.chicken712@gmail.com. I plan to make exclusive and awesome customs for people, oh yea u can check out my yt iCam [graal and more] if your bored I post videos every other day. I hope you guys like my customs -iCam


Hello, nope sadly I have’t posted anything BUT there are a few updates.

I have made an email and kik JUST for Outcasted Gfx stuff. You may contact me through there as well.

Kik: outcastedgfx

email: outcastedgfx@gmail.com

For requests PLEASE  either email me or both kik me and email me because with kik I can remember and through email I can save the files.

If you want to JOIN the site you MUST have a WORDPRESS account.

Email me your wordpress username/wordpress email AND send me your work. I DO NOT allow ifilers. You may post ifiles IF THE ORIGINAL OWNER ALLOWS IT or else you will be kicked of from the site.
Again: Email: outcastedgfx@gmail.com

-Nafila ❤


Hello it’s Nafila

Outcasted has been up for over 3 years meaning a lot of pages

I’m currently re editing all the pages for the site (that’s why there’re gone) there’s about 156 pages so it’ll take time.

Trying to make it more organized and once I’m done I will be adding flame gif heads and look for more guy stuff to edit since I do not feel like doing things from scratch anymore due to life. (You may recommend sites in the comment section)

Outcasted is always hiring, so check the want to join site page.

I do PUBLIC and simple custom requests (blink, index, recolor, etc.) for free, you can:

  • Pm me through graal (I’m the gang leader of Outcasted)
  • Email me at mysticnights6@gmail.com, if it’s from a different site please provide the site link.
  • Post in the requests page, I will check everything when I have time.

Please do not spam me since I’m busy.

Thank you for all the support, I know this site is dead/dying.