*wolfy ish meh older brotherrrrr he edited this had then i made the gif so creds to me and him and it got ifiled.* enjoy~


innaccctiivveeee ~ori

So hey guys, sorry I haven’t been posting ;-; but here’s what I’ve been working on! 😀

flamepreview.png I’m working on this head, and this is what I have so far… hofdfsdo.png

IM SO SLOWWWW >~< cri, but hope you like it c:


Um working on stuff,, here’s some stuff idk if it works pm me if issuesssss – I’m the leader of simplicity..<3

*the smile is really quick on the 2nd head bc the fixed one is glitching so here’s the quick one lol*


I haven’t forgotten about mi last posts,, I’ll carry on with them

-Summer ❤




I dont play zone,classic, or ol west only era I go on them sometimes. Went on classic .-. people be trying to be me and that head she has is from my site too.Capture.PNGCapture.PNG