finished! ~ori

Hey guys! I finished the head for this: anotherone.png(the hair color is reversed, so it doesn’t look like the preview XD)

And here it is! ❤ 😀

phew.pngCreds to this website, obviously XD

I’ll work on the body tomorrow. maybe

*Also if you edit this please give credits to me or this website, and don’t steal it!




Okie, idk where everyone is, but I assume they’re either inactive or dead.. ANYWAYS, HEY GUYS! ❤ Sorry I haven’t been posting! 😦 I’ve been inactive lately due to school and stuff you know all my excuses so… XD Here’s the flame headddd ❤ My other gfx buddy actually finished it for me because she couldn’t help it XD So thanks C.D ❤ Much love to her! The one she edited has fire gif. on it and mine is the one without the fire gif.

flame.png<— my editgreenbluepurple.gif<—C.D’s bootyful art

~Enjoy! ❤ 😀


hey guys, so I haven’t finished the flame head yet. Also, I was just messing with the blend tool on gimp, and started doing other things and this is what it turned out to be:omg.png so yeah that’s it XD

*Again, I didn’t finish the flame head..sorry*