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Request 02

To the girl named Molly, here’s your request.
To someone who requested puma hoodie, sorry, I can’t do it.
manyonegfx & cdgraalgfx
click their names to see their amazing posts.
Enjoy. ☀


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Request 01

Request 01. Aynz
Hazel brown hair, serious face w/ big letter A at bottom left part on the back.
+ cc body, bunny slippers
credits: manyonegfx, azngirlzgfx, arakenuploads & agarthagfx
if any of the credited sites want me to delete this, contact us.
NOTE: I don’t know what hazel brown is. For other bodies, click this or this.
Enjoy. ☀


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Edit (062218): Thanks for voting! I decided to close it after like 3 months.