Purple guy head (Cookie)

This was an old edit I made for someone who quit so I decided to post it. Let me know if you guys want this in more colours.

Not sure where the original is from, considering I did this months ago.
Enjoy 🙂


Blond edit

So yeah here I am again. Kinda a shity edit I made in less then a two hours. But hopefully I get right up and start doing better edits. Also Im a new member of Outcasted, so yeah here you go

(Credits to original owner)


– Luna

Merry Christmas

It’s almost Christmas, I couldn’t be more excited :D, I wasn’t sure if you guys really wanted Christmas related uploads or not this year.

I didn’t really know what to do besides this, I haven’t been feeling my creative side so much lately :,)

Anyway give me suggestions on what to edit and stuff

Credits to https://outcastedgfx.wordpress.com

I didn’t edit the body its from this site


Blues clues (Cookie)

For some reason the shade of blue on this head reminded me of the dog from a show I watched as a kid called Blues Clues,

I really did love the look of this head and the ombre in the hair, I thought it was so cute. And yes, I’m back at it again with the “freckle face” I just think it’s a nice touch to add to a head.

The body is also indexed AKA colour changable

head and body credits to https://qwertzilla.wordpress.com/