Digimon Rearise-Nafila

Hey everyone it’s ya boi Nafila, I quit graal a long time ago and now I have moved on from King’s Raid and updated a brand new discord. I have a guild in a new game called Digimon Rearise called, Outcasted. If you want to play or some of you already play feel free to join. Or if you want to hang out with us here’s our Discord server:https://discord.gg/Q7r3tXy

Spooky season (Cookie)

It’s that time of the head again, time for spooky Halloween edits and I’m super excited, I did one without GIF and then I did two with gifts both the same but the second one is slowly, I wasn’t sure what one y’all would enjoy better so I gave you guys an option haha.

Credits to outcastedgfx for the body and https://naturalbeautygfx.wordpress.com/ for the head. I was gonna do recolors but I didn’t know if you guys would enjoy it so let me know if you do and if so what colors


Remember me? (Cookie

So hey guys its Cookie, long time no talk. I’ve recently been considering doing gfx and coming back to graal again but my email for graal doesn’t work anymore so I’m probably going to be making a new account if i do decide to come back. But anyway I am also in school 5 days a week plus I have sports and stuff so if i do start posting more it probably wont be twice a week like i used to.

But today I’m going to post my personals because if I do start a new account I probably won’t be using the same uploads so here you go. I don’t remember where the originals are from considering a edited these years ago but enjoy. I posted another one on my site which I can’t seem to find one but it was really cute with a spooky Halloween twist so if you want it check out my site https://crazycookiegraal.wordpress.com/

personal-head2n without gifpersonalheadoctoberpersonal-head2personal-body2