Kitten hoodies :3 (Cookie)

To everyone who has been telling me to make dog and cat bodies and heads I finally did something cat related and I’m actually proud of it. I didn’t actually want to make this, It was actually supposed to be a personal for someone but they didn’t like it so now it shall be shared with this site. Hope you guys enjoy, I did an extension and non extension version so girls or guys can use it and yes I will do recolours soon also my site is at 195,000 as I’m writing this and I have a really cute 250,000 special so go check out my site I post uploads (duh) plus I shoutout fans every Friday. Credits to outcastedgfx for the original hoodies :3


Pineapple (Cookie)

Yes you reed it right -3-, it says pineapple. Don’t ask why, and no this post is not related to pineapples in any way but it is guy heads. I don’t know what else to say this was a pretty simple edit and small edit so credits to all I did was get rid of the eyepatch and changed the hair on the left a bit and then obviously recolours. So enjoy the head guys! Still on spring break so expect a few more posts this week from me 🙂