Hey! Sorry for being so inactive, ive been making hat designs for a holiday shop in zone. Here is just one head from my most recent post on my own site. Enjoy!





First in awhile FIXED (Cookie)

So not only is this my first time posting in like two weeks but it’s my first time doing guy heads since October!! I feel so bad for the guy viewers, I will try and post guy stuff more. But yeah, I’m going to have to post a lot more. Also the 2 year anniversary is coming up for my site soon comment any ideas on what I should do.

So the first head on the preview was the original head from this site, the second one I edited from the first one for a personal for someone but they didn’t like it. And so I edited that head a bit more and then POOF, I had my master piece. Everything else with the head I just did myself, I did one version with a scar and one without. Might do recolors of the head soon.


flameflame.pngflame.pngFor anyone who seen the original post do not upload those heads, they will not turn out right, I messed up in the technique part of the editing and if you upload the heads from the original post it will either get disapproved or won’t work. If you want the heads you can now upload them because they are now fixed. -January 21th 2018