previews (Cookie)

I’ve come up with a few previews of stuff ill be editing for you guys in the next few weeks. Also please comment ideas on what I can do for my 50k view special on my site! suggestions posted on my site

I’ve got a Canadian flag hoodie for Canada day, next month:


Nazi sets, swastika hoodie\ heads, blonde blue eyes:


Disney princess themed sets:





8 thoughts on “previews (Cookie)

  1. Sir can u make a head for me? Pls the head of Sleepy ash heres the link of the picture and thanks i hope you make me 🙂


  2. Seriously what the fuck. Why are you decorating your shit with fucking swastikas like do you even know what they mean? This is highly offensive.


    • I don’t understand why your judging me saying I don’t know what they mean. Please get ur shit straight before yiu go offending me. This body was highly recommended and I do what my viewers want


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